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We offer a tailored payroll service for our clients in Dublin and throughout Ireland to meet their specific needs while ensuring compliance with Revenue,Department Of Social Protection and NERA. As your payroll bureau we become an integral part of your business by moulding your payroll to suit you and dedicating our efforts on your payroll, so you can dedicate your time to your core business.

Your initial consultation will be with your assigned payroll manager Janice Driscoll or Sarah Sullivan. Janice and Sarah have over 14 years payroll experience between them. They are IPASS qualified and pride themselves on delivering a quality service on time every time. During the initial consultation they will review how your payroll is processed, make recommendations on how you can make the payroll efficient and remain compliant with Revenue, Department of Social Protection and NERA.

We process payroll for all buinesses from 1 employee up, no payroll is too small.

Our Team

Our team are fully IPASS qualified. We pride ourselves on our good relationship with our clients, our attention to detail and great teamwork. Tailored Payroll are big enough to guarantee you peace of mind but we are small enough to care, giving you that personal touch service and support from the whole team that our clients really appreciate and rely on. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality payroll service, on time and at a competitive price.

We have worked in a busy payroll bureau environment and as a result have experience in all payroll sizes and frequencies across all business sectors. 

Our Payroll Service In A Nutshell

We will ensure that your payroll is processed on time every time. This means you can focus on your core business increasing your profitability. You still remain in control of your payroll as we provide all relevant reports and payslips every pay period. Our dedicated team are available to answer any payroll queries, and offer advice on the most Tax efficient way to process your payroll.

We look after:

  •     PAYE, PRSI and Universal Social Charge Calculations
  •     Registration of Employees with Revenue
  •     Revenue Submissions P30's, P45's, P60 and P35 returns
  •     Secure Payslips emailed directly to employees
  •     Creation of bank file for payment to employees
  •     Payroll Consultancy

How Does The Process Work?

We will start with the initial free consultation where we will review your payroll requirements. We will provide you with a list of information that we need and our simple template for submitting your payroll details each pay period. We'll then set up your Payroll Account and assign you your payroll manager.

  • We create a template for you to gather the payroll data each pay period.
  • You complete the payment details in the template provided within the agreed timelines
  • Tailored Payroll will process your payroll each pay period and provide you with your payroll reports and payslips
  • We will advise you on the most Tax efficient way to process your payroll
  • We will register new employees with Revenue and issue P45's when due
  • We will email the payslips directly to the employees
  • We can create a bank file which you can upload to your bank to make payment to your employees in one transaction
  • We file your P30 with Revenue when due
  • We file your P35 and issue P60s to all employees at the end of the Tax year

How Much Does It Cost?

 Our all inclusive payroll service starts from €20 + VAT per week

  • Free initial consultation
  • Free set-up
  • Free Year End Processing

It's important to remember that outsourcing some or all of your payroll processing cuts out many of the hidden costs employers may not always consider when processing payroll in-house. These hidden costs include:

  • Software renewals and updates
  • Cover for annual leave/ sick leave
  • Salary and Employer PRSI for the member of staff processing the payroll
  • Training to keep updated with ever changing legislation
  • Stationery, Storage, Data Protection & Back-up costs   
  • Other employment costs e.g. providing PC, printer, staff facilities etc.

Other Services

In addition to payroll outsourcing, we provide a range of payroll supports from onsite payroll assistance, payroll training and HR consultancy. We also provide a payroll service for accountants and bookkeepers who wish to include payroll processing as a service to their clients.

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